• What happens to my pension? Cottage? Business?
  • How am I going to get through this?
  • When will I stop feeling sad? Ashamed?
  • How will we split everything?
  • How will we tell the children?
  • What will everyone think?
  • What about the kids?
  • Does it have to be a big court battle?
  • Do we have to sell the house?
  • How am I going to pay the bills?
Paul DeBuono Law Office
Credentials & Experience

J.D., York University (Osgoode Hall Law School)

Subsequent training/certificates in Collaborative Family Law and in MediationM.Sc., Texas A&M University

M.Sc., Texas A&M University

The Collaborative Advtange

Paul DeBuono

In 2012 I accepted my last family law court case, and for me there has been no looking back. I am fully convinced from my legal experience that CTP (collaborative team practice) is significantly better than resolving separation issues at court. I understand that court is best for some cases, for example, where one of the two sides is stubbornly and persistently unfair or unrealistic. However, I find that many people start court cases too early and unnecessarily, which complicates their families emotionally and financially. Court is very, very expensive, and it is recognized to have a serious emotional toll especially on children.

A separation is never easy, but you can choose from the start to resolve it in a way that leaves you and your children in a better position than had you started at court. I am convinced that CTP is the best of the out-of-court processes. I am able to assist you in a variety of ways that best suits your circumstances, including CTP, negotiations and mediation. If you happen to be already at court, I may assist you in limited services (such as legal advice and drafting/reviewing documents).

All my appointments and meetings are in the evening or weekends, which I find accommodates those who cannot meet during regular work hours. I also offer online visual meetings (including FaceTime, Skype, Google). My fees are reasonable, and may be adjusted based on your income.

When you submit a request for me to contact you (see box below), be sure to list the best times and ways to contact you.

Choose CTP (collaborative team practice) as the way to resolve your separation (or another out-of-court process), and generally you'll have a better result and you'll be happier than had you gone to court.

— Paul DeBuono

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